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by Danny K. Gilchrist


Accompany veterinarian Danny K. Gilchrist on the road and at his clinic as he experiences lessons for life in his associations with his patients and their caretakers.

Book Review

Danny Gilchrist stumbled into a career as a large animal veterinarian when, by happenstance, he tagged along to the birth of a lamb, an act he attributes to divine intervention.  He  has collected memories of his life and work in Fella, named for  beloved childhood pet.  It’s a thoroughly engrossing work. 

Gilchrist spent a lifetime driving the back roads of upstate New York, tending to dairy cows, sheep, and just as often the farmers who relied on them for a livelihood.  A typical day might find him awakened by an emergency call at 2 a.m.  A devout Mormon, he views his work as part of his larger mission.  The juxtaposition of clean living with a job that frequently leaves one covered in manure is the subject of numerous jokes.

When Gilchrist describes his job, the stories are addictive: You feel as if you’re there in the barn, often in life-or-death circumstances; the triumphs and tragedies hit home boldly.  Fella is hard to put down.  When Gilchrist amputates the leg of an injured chinchilla and reassures the owner that the animal will be fine, his heart shines through.  He reminds readers of the trust animals place in us to be their friends and guardians, and sets an example few of us could equal. 
-         BlueInk Review